Founding Members

KYD’s founding members include persons who are devoted to being part of the solution and committed to share their acquired information and those they will come to know in the future with the public. For this endeavor, they will organize workshops and trainings.

Çağla Çankırılı

After competing her primary and high school education at TED Ankara Collge, she received her undergraduate degree from French Language and Literature. She continues her work on dog-canine relationship that started with, now with KYD. Currently she works in the field of administrative and financial work for a private foundation.

Aysen Arıkan

She completed her primary and high school education at TED Ankara College, her undergraduate degree on industrial engineering  at Bilkent University, master degree in business at Salford University. She is a mangement position in a private firm.

Zeynep Şener

She completed her middle and high school education at Izmir American College and got her undergraduate degree from Sabancı University in industrial engineering. Currently she works in the planning department of a private firm.

Çağan Çankırılı

After completing his primary and high school education at TED Ankara College, he graduated from Bilkent University’s Graphic Design program and concurrently received his masters degree from Hacettepe University. He pursues his doctorate degree and works as a freelance in graphic design.

Oya Yeğen

She completed her middle and high school education at Üsküdar American College, and her undergraduate degree at Sabancı University. Upon completion of her doctorate degree in political science degree at Boston University, she continues her academic work in Istanbul.

Gülce Savaşan

Born in 1987, Istanbul, she completed her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University, Faculty of Education, Ancient Greek Language and Latin Language. After continuing her studies in modern Greek, she began her professional career. Still she works in a private firm, in a marketing position.

Ayben Arıkan, Attorney at Law

She completed her high school education at TED Ankara College and undergraduate degree at Bilkent University, Faculty of Law. She continues her masters education at Bilgi University. She has founded her legal firm and provides attorneyship and consultation services. She continues her work at KYD.

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